Chemical Peels

Refine And Improve The Condition Of The Skin

By applying an individually tailored solution to the surface of the skin, the careful removal of its outer layers can reveal brighter, more radiant, and younger-looking skin.

Chemical peels can be used to treat: 


  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Sun damage

  • Pigmentation

  • Blemishes 

  • Acne scars and breakouts

  • Irregular skin tone


Chemical peels also increase skin suppleness, hydration and help to reduce the ageing effects of sun exposure and smoking.


The medical-grade active ingredients in our professional skin peels ensure you will notice results after a single treatment. However, for optimal results, a course of four skin peels at four to six weekly intervals is recommended. We can also advise about our range of home care products which can be used daily between treatments to maximise the results.


From £60 per peel

 Course of 4 peels - From £200

Acne treatment in Sheffield
Acne treatment in Sheffield
Acne treatment in Sheffield