ProfHilo is taking skin luminosity to the next level.


What is ProfHilo?

ProfHilo is the latest skincare product that is taking the UK by storm! It’s not a dermal filler or a
toxin – it’s a completely new, innovative injectable Hyaluronic Acid that smooths out fine lines
and treats skin laxity. From the age of 25, our skin loses collagen and elastin, which causes the
skin to start ageing – but ProfHilo can reverse this! It is a ‘tissue stimulator’ that provides deep,
long-lasting hydration, boosts collagen production and remodels the skin by stimulating elastin
production. This helps to improve the skin’s texture and overall firmness.


How does it work?

ProfHilo is taking skin luminosity to the next level. ProfHilo causes bioremodelling within the
skin to treat skin laxity, crepiness, and loss of tone. Hyaluronic acid is known for its amazing
ability to hydrate and hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water. ProfHilo has the highest
concentration of Hyaluronic Acid of all injectable treatments. ProfHilo works to infuse your skin
with hydration, whilst stimulating your own collagen and elastin production to improve the
appearance of your skin.


Who is ProfHilo for?

Achieving a healthy, youthful glow for your skin has never been easier! ProfHilo is suitable for
almost all skin types. If you aren’t quite ready for dermal fillers, or don’t like the thought of
toxin, but are wanting to improve your skin quality, then ProfHilo is the perfect treatment for
you! Excellent results can be achieved on the face, neck, chest, hands, and even the upper arms
and knees! Whether your skin is starting to show the first signs of ageing, or your skin is
requiring some serious assistance, ProfHilo may be the treatment for you!


What happens during the treatment?

A consultation is completed to ensure the treatment is safe and suitable for you. Your skin is
then cleansed and areas are marked out on your face where the injections will take place. The
treatment consists of 5 injections at each side of your face, using a tiny needle. You will leave
the appointment with 5 small bumps under the skin which will disperse under the skin within a
few hours. ProfHilo initially requires a course of 2 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart. You can
then have a single maintenance treatment every 3 to 6 months as required.


An initial course of 2 treatments £500
Single maintenance treatment £250

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