Mens Treatments

In the last few years, anti-aging treatments for men have become increasingly popular, like skincare,

and treatments to take care of your appearance are becoming much less gender-specific. In order to
cater to this growing demand, we have ensured that all of our treatments are suitable for both men and women.
There are obvious differences between male and female skin that must be taken into consideration,
such as the thickness of the skin, the strength of facial muscles, and differences in cosmetic outcomes.
However, our Advanced Nurse Practitioners are trained to take these differences into consideration
and make the necessary adjustments to ensure our male clients get the best results from their treatments.
The most popular treatments for men at DermaLuxe Aesthetics are:

 Build the Glow Medi-facial – for improving the appearance of the skin

 Chemical Peels – to treat common skin complaints such as Acne, blackheads and blocked

 Dermaplaning – to improve skin texture, combat dry skin and improve the skin’s appearance.

Wrinkle Relaxing Injections for men (also known as Brotox) – to smooth out wrinkles around
the eyes, between the brows and across the forehead (a consultation is required prior to treatment)

Dermal Fillers - to reduce deep lines, create a more structured jawline, or masculinise facial

We also have a facial specifically designed for men, our Black Tie Facial, which features everything
you need to get your skin ready for a big event.


At DermaLuxe we understand that most men don’t want to look like they have "had work done"

We specialise in natural-looking enhancements, so your secret is safe with us! And if
you’re not sure which treatment would be better for you, we offer free consultations, with
no obligation to book a treatment. You can book your consultation quickly and easily via the
‘book now' button.