Acne Treatment 

Acne, spots, and scarring can have a negative impact on your mood, emotions, and self-confidence. If you are suffering from acne or scarring, we offer many treatments that can help.  


We offer both in-clinic acne treatments and at-home treatments depending on the severity and type of your acne. We recommend booking a free consultation with one of our skin specialist nurses so we can examine your skin, and give recommendations on which treatment may be best for you, based on the extent and cause of your acne. 


Our Acne Treatments in Sheffield include: 

DermaLuxe’s signature ‘Acne Treatment’ (more information below) 

Superficial chemical peels 

LED Light therapy 


Prescription and medical-grade skincare for home use by ZO Skin Health and Obagi Medical  



Our most popular in-clinic treatment for Acne helps to reduce breakouts by regulating oil production and breaking down dead skin cells, trapped dirt, and sebum. Our 30-minute Acne treatment is perfect for both men and women with spot-prone skin, oily skin, and open pores. It is also suitable for the treatment of body acne. This ‘no peel’ peel purifies the epidermis, dries up spots, clears pores, and brightens a dull complexion, thanks to a powerful combination of Glycolic Acid, Salicylic Acid, and Bentonite. 


The Acne treatment also incorporates key vitamins, minerals, and proteins to help the skin repair itself. These ingredients help with collagen and elastin production for firmer skin and helps to lighten unwanted pigmentation or dark marks that have been left behind by acne (this is called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation). 


If you have tried other acne treatments with little success, let our skin specialist nurses help you! Check out ‘Mollie’s Acne Journey: Treating & Managing Hormonal Cystic Acne’ on our blog here to read about one of our client’s success stories. 


Contact us today to book your free skin-improvement consultation, and start your journey to acne-free skin! 

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