Guest Blog - Alicia Hattersley reveals her Dermaplaning experience!

In recent years I’d noticed that dermaplaning was becoming something of a skincare trend. From what I’d heard dermaplaning could help clear up my spotty skin, exfoliate my dead skin cells and rid me of the fuzzy peach hair all over my face, just what I needed! So, as someone who doesn’t know the difference between serum and toner and whose beauty regime rarely stretches beyond micellar water, I knew I needed to step out of my comfort zone and give it a try.

I’d been looking for a reputable practitioner in Sheffield to help me lose my dermaplaning virginity. Luckily, after a friend’s recommendation, I got in touch with Rachel at DermaLuxe Aesthetics via Instagram. Rachel was super friendly and instantly made me feel at ease as we discussed my oily skin and my lack of knowledge about how to take care of it.

Rachel explained that dermaplaning was a quick and easy way to brighten my skin without the use of harsh chemicals. My one concern was that on all the dermaplaning videos I had previously seen, I’d noticed the facial included a scalpel scraping the skin; not something you see every day?! However, Rachel explained that the dermaplaning was completely safe and simply involves lightly shaving the surface of the skin using feather-like strokes. Plus, Rachel divulged that she was a registered nurse! Her experience working for the NHS filled me with confidence that she knew what she was doing with the scalpel itself! Rachel’s history as a nurse was something which stood out to me compared to other salons and beauticians offering dermaplaning in Sheffield and further encouraged me to book with her.

I visited Rachel at Angels Hair and Beauty Salon in Beighton, Sheffield, where she has a chic but private treatment room. Rachel talked me through what to expect and soon got to work making my skin wonderful!

Firstly, Rachel cleansed, prepped and massaged my skin. The amount of make-up I had left over from the previous day was a big shock. Next Rachel applied a second tingly cleanser containing Glycolic Acid. This loosened my dead skin cells and prepared my pores to open. Next… the scalpel! Rachel used a sterile, surgical scalpel to shave my skins surface. This removed the outer-most layer of dead skin from my face, along with fine vellus hair, aka the dreaded peach fuzz! The procedure was completely painless and lasted just over half an hour. After the relaxing face shaving Rachel applied an Enzyme Peel containing vitamins and antioxidants to my face. As she massaged this into my face, it loosened further dead skin which was then removed with sponges.

All the while Rachel filled my naive brain with super interesting and useful skincare facts and product alternatives. She even recommended a cosmeceutical facial cleanser to help with my oily complexion and a Heliocare SPF day cream to protect my new skin.

Feeling totally fresh and with skin the smoothest it has ever been, I was completely clean, moisturised, glowing and on cloud nine when I left Rachel’s dermaplaning salon in Sheffield.

Since my appointment with Rachel, my skin has been a hundred times clearer and my make-up is much smoother on application and lasts longer. I would wholeheartedly recommend DermaLuxe Aesthetics if you’re looking for dermaplaning in Sheffield. She is an absolute super star.