Mollie's Acne Journey : Treating & Managing Hormonal Cystic Acne

I have suffered with my skin since my early teens, and has been a deeply personal issue for me growing up. I am now 22, and acne has been the bane of my life for about ten years now. Most of my friends and family had practically perfect skin, and being a teenager in the age of Photoshop and Instagram influenced my self esteem massively, as I’m sure it does for many young girls. If I’m honest, it still does, but I like to think I’m a big enough girl now to check myself when I’m holding myself to impossible standards.

Before I met Rachel, I had tried literally every treatment going – tea tree oil, toothpaste, Sudocrem, birth control, a vegan diet, medicated topical treatments, medicated oral treatments, drinking 3000 litres of water a day, drinking apple cider vinegar every morning, taking supplements, facials, every brand of face wash, praying to the skin fairies, stopping just short of sacrifice in the light of a full moon. All the usual suspects. I dread to think of the hundreds of pounds I (and my poor mother) have spent trying to get my skin into a semi decent state throughout my adolescence.

Admittedly, some things worked better than others. During my first year of university my skin was the clearest it had been for years, primarily due to the birth control that had been prescribed to me by my doctor. However, birth control made me absolutely miserable, and it got to the point where the clear skin just wasn’t worth the repercussions on my mental health. I was truly stuck between a rock and a hard place, but I eventually vowed never to take hormonal treatments again to spare myself (and those around me) from the misery of my constant mood swings, anxiety and depression.

After that, my skin gradually reverted to its previous self. For a while, it was manageable – not completely clear but not horrendous. Disaster eventually struck in the summer of 2017 when my skin just went absolutely nuts for apparently unknown reasons. I spent a long time completely obsessing over everything that went inside my body and onto my skin – I tried cutting dairy out of my diet, drinking apple cider vinegar (gross – would not recommend), and committing the cardinal sin of believing a ‘miracle cure’ I read on twitter and following a ridiculous routine that 100% made my skin worse. By June 2018, I was crying over my skin every day and was completely losing hope in ever having clear skin. I was seriously contemplating the idea of Roaccutane before one of my best friends, who has also struggled with her skin, introduced me to Rachel and recommended her acne treatments in Sheffield.

*Disclaimer: I am about to turn into a complete fan-girl, but Rachel has honestly changed my life.

Rachel was completely professional from the outset – she was totally honest with me and told me that I was never going to see results straight away, and never claimed to have a ‘miracle cure’ for my acne. Not once have I ever felt pressured by Rachel to spend extortionate amounts of money on extra products or treatments, as can sometimes be the case with others who specialise in skin or specialise in Acne treatment, and she has always been totally upfront about cost and set realistic expectations.

At my first appointment, Rachel took the time to assess my entire current skincare regime. She made realistic product recommendations that weren’t overtly expensive, and advised I take certain products out of my regime. Trust me when I say that Rachel knows her stuff, if you are looking for an Acne treatment in Sheffield, you must give her a try! She then explained to me in great detail what she would use during my acne treatment and what the active ingredients did.

I’m not going to lie, after my first peel my skin definitely got worse – but I knew that this was to be expected as Rachel had prewarned me that it may temporarily get worse before it gets better. And honestly, we all know that one acne treatment is not going to fix your skin immediately. I have now had about 8 acne treatments with Rachel in Sheffield, and my skin has completely transformed. I cannot believe the improvement Rachel’s acne treatments have made. After my 6th acne treatment at the clinic in Sheffield, my boyfriend couldn’t believe I wasn’t wearing make up and I almost cried with happiness. My confidence has improved unbelievable amounts, and the thought of wearing no make up no longer makes me shriek with horror.

I cannot recommend Rachel enough. At the risk of overdoing this, I would confidently say that Rachel is a true skin angel sent from cosmetic nurse heaven. I can’t say that skin peels and acne treatments are definitely, 100% absolutely going to fix your skin, and Rachel would never try to convince you as such either. At the end of the day, everybody’s skin is different and acne has different causes for everybody. However, for me personally, Rachel’s acne treatments are the only thing that has made a genuine and sustained difference to my skin. I do not live locally to DermaLuxe Aesthetics in Sheffield, so I travel over an hour for my appointments, but it is totally worth it for the amazing results. I can’t thank Rachel enough for her amazing work and dedication, and I know that she genuinely cares about her customers and their skin journeys.


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